Is a communication designer whose projects start from a curiosity in everyday phenomena as waiting or swiping. Often perceived as ordinary and influenced by changing technologies these phenomena stay unnoticed. With the strong urge to experiment with materials and tools he aims to question the underlying mechanisms that make them unnoticeable while engaging and slightly confusing the viewer.

Following the completion of his bachelor's degree in Art Communication and Design, he pursued a master's degree in Information Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Curriculum Vitae

Within thumb movements

A dance performance choreographed by the thumb.

Thank you for your patience

Generating alternative delay announcements.

Past in a Post

A weekly collaboration using postcards.

Eh, accept

Deconsturing the cookie wall.


A dynamic identity for the graduation show.

151.000 tour

Being guided by numbers.

Get out

Showcasing an event of 100 interdisciplinary performances.