Yesterday in a Collage

 Yesterday’s news captured in one image. This is the common thread of my series ‘Yesterday in a collage’ that is based on news from the newspaper. With the project ‘Yesterday in a Collage’ I challenge myself to tell a story to the viewer and develop myself as designer.

Through cutting and pasting physical newspaper articles I create a collage with a combination of text and images. Later, I edit the images digitally. All the steps I make in the process are there to achieve the goal of telling an interesting story to the viewer.

The story is based on the news of that day and can be every subject. However, every collage covers only one subject. I have chosen subjects that are societal relevant and of which I think more people should know about. With this curation, my personal interest and fascinations are also becoming more clear. When I look back at the completed collages I discovered that a common thread is often a contradiction. I try to show a subject not only from one perspective but choose multiple frames so the viewer can consider multiple view points. For example, there is a collage about small villages where people are very happy and at the same time there is the contradiction in the collage of young people leaving the rural areas. With this contradiction, I hope people think about both sides of a subject.

full project: