Past in a Post

March 1, 2020 – With the goal to experiment and discover each other’s vision on different theme’s Esmée van Dinteren and I started the collaborative project Past in a Post. During the project, we designed every week a typographic card that we shared with each other.

Before we started the project we have set up some rules within which we designed:

  1. One person determines a word, based on an experience or feeling of that week.
  2. The other person determines a color, this specific color attracted attention that week.
  3. This data is converted by each person into a typographic design in which only letters and/or shapes are being used.
  4. The size of the design is 210mm x 148mm.
  5. The post is sent to each other each week via email.

In our current society, we are flooded with images. Past in a Post challenged us to visualize our own imagination based on the theme into a typographic Post.

The project continued for 12 months. During those 12 months, we set up a weekly newsletter in which we shared the process behind the Posts.

On the site there’s an overview of all the Posts.