How can we analyze our data and come up with a system to collect the data? That was the main question for this project. We were given the freedom to work on the elaboration of this question, but it needed to comprise a visualization and an experience in the framework of interactive textile.

Wifi is a new technique that continuously develops and still holds big questions for the future. This appealed to me. For the project, I collected data of all the networks around me every other hour between 9 am till 5 pm for two full weeks.

For the visualization, I translated the data into sounds. My goal was creating awareness to make the wifi radiation more visible and less abstract. In the tones from the instruments, you can hear back four wifi data days. The higher the tone, the more wifi radiation is measured in that specific hour. In the four days, I have been in three cities. Every city has its own tone and instrument inspired by the church in that city.

For the experience with interactive textile, I made a bracelet with vibration motors inside. These motors give different vibrations when there are more wifi networks surrounding the bracelet. This ensures that you become consciously about the wifi radiation in real-time.