Get Out campaign

‘Get out’ is an event with more than 100 interdisciplinary performances in Den Bosch, Tilburg, and Breda from students that attend Fontys School of Fine and Performance Art. Esmée and I were asked to design the campaign of ‘Get Out 2020’ including posters, banners and video.

We concluded that only the name ‘Get Out’ would be too abstract to communicate the philosophy of the event. Therefore we decided to go more in-depth and place emphasis on the 100+ performances that will be displayed during this event. The arrows in the design represent the idea of students that show their talent in a multitude of different places. In addition, the arrows embody the keywords of ‘Get Out’ such as: moving into the wide world, looking ahead of the future, the journey of discovery and walking your own path.

Esmee & Thijmen