In the second semester of the academic year at Artcode, I made a design connected to Brussels-sprouts every week for six week in a row. My aim was to develop and improve my design skills and during the process I found out that those little green bulbs are quite interesting. Below you see a few of my favorite projects:

1. As soon as I started, I noticed that almost nobody – including myself – knows how Brussels- sprouts grow. It is quite strange that we eat things without knowing their origin. Therefore, I aimed to show the consumer how the Brussels-sprout plant looks like by bringing the plant to the plate. Through a simple design where I work with associations of the plant on the plate, an image is created of the Brussels-sprouts plant.

2. The industry is creating Brussels-sprouts that are less bitter with the result that their flavor is less intense. The industry argues that this is the preferred flavor of consumers. For me, it raised the question why we don’t have a choice in the supermarket? As a solution, I created different packaging for different flavors of sprouts with the result that everyone can choose his/her personal favorite flavor of Brussels-sprouts.

3. Washing out means losing minerals that a plant doesn’t extract from the fertilizer. Minerals such as phosphate and nitrogen end up in the ground water resulting in polluted water. This is a big problem for farmers. My challenge was to explain the problem of washing out to people that don’t know anything about this subject. My solution was creating a plate that showed the process of washing out by the use of dressing: